Distilled Spirits Fulfillment

The proof is in the results.

Crafting the perfect drink takes attention to detail.
It takes a refined pallet.
It takes a creative mind for innovation.

It also takes time.

Time that you would probably prefer to spend innovating those new products and growing your audience. The difficulty of doing the latter, is finding the best way to get your creation into their hands.

Imagine a world where you could market and sell your product without ever having to think about distribution.

A world where the only endpoint to growth was the breadth of your ideas.

Welcome to eJOOV.

Why eJOOV?

ABC Licensed Distillery Storage

FDA Registered Storage Facility

Kentucky Distiller’s Association Member

We Can Integrate Systems, or Utilize Your Systems

24-Hour Monitored Security

Co-Packing and Kitting Services

Headache-Free Merchandise Fulfillment

General Warehouse Storage Available

State-of-the-Art Inventory Management

Legal & Compliant Direct to Consumer Spirits Shipment

At eJOOV we get our business. We'd like to get yours.

It can be painful to manage the cumbersome and time-consuming work it takes to store, package, ship, and track every product you want to sell. With your time split between focusing on sales, sometimes the distribution side can feel like a major stumbling block for business growth. Very quickly, your limitations are not based on the products you can make, but on your bandwidth to deliver them.

It doesn't have to be that way

Step 1

Schedule a fit meeting where you will meet with us to share your 
e-commerce needs and discover if we are the right fit for you.

Step 2

Once we determine we are a great fit, we will work together to establish
metrics for measuring a successful e-commerce partnership.

Step 3

We will begin establishing connections by integrating your systems
and reporting with eJOOV’s proprietary fulfillment software.

Step 4

We will enjoy the resulting success and continue to adapt to industry
changes with communication, transparency, and collaboration.

Still on the rocks? Schedule a fit meeting today.