It’s your vision – there’s no need to settle.

Now Serving the Distilled Spirits Industry

eJOOV is an ABC Licensed company. We are proud to offer exclusive Distillery Storage and Shipping in Kentucky and beyond.

Industrial Supply Chain

Ejoov Gears

Your Trusted Partner in Automotive Manufacturing and Distribution.

We bring decades of experience managing operations for renowned brands.

eJOOV Industrial specializes in handling large-scale shipping operations and managing a wide variety of product ranges.

From light assembly to custom packaging, we are committed to delivering excellence in industrial and automotive distribution. 

Customer experience is not a trend
for the future – it’s here now!

Seasonal kitting, subscription boxes, custom and branded packaging, and personalized content help to delight your customers, build loyalty and drive future sales.

While others may tell you “No, we can’t,” eJOOV finds the path to “Yes, let’s find a way.”

Your Vision - Executed

Transform your Business with eJOOV by your side. We offer:

Industrial and automotive inventory management, kitting, repacking, and line metering
Full-service e-commerce fulfillment
Special Release Kitting
Seasonal and Special Release kitting, packaging and fulfillment of distilled spirits for DTC and B2B
Traditional warehousing
Direct To Consumer
Direct to Consumer fulfillment for distilled spirits
Light manufacturing and assembly
With over 30 years of industry experience, eJOOV is prepared to help your business win in the world of fulfillment.

Technology That Works

Our engineering staff has decades
of industry experience.

We leverage our collective experience for custom APIs, real-time visibility to your inventory, receipts, orders and projects via customizable reporting, and industry-leading solutions to ensure our warehouse teams have the best tools available to ship accurately and on time.

Effective Customer Service

We understand your customer relationships are critical.

When someone has a question, timeliness and accuracy are vital. That’s why our customer support teams are located in our warehouses and not in cubicles hundreds of miles away.

Our CSRs have hands-on familiarity with our warehouse processes and are empowered to place their hands on any potential issue in order to provide answers quickly and accurately.

Your Success = Our Success

It’s not our mission to be the biggest or ship the most. However, we do want to be the best at servicing our partners. We’re here to provide the services that help set your brand apart from the rest and drive growth.

Growth for you means growth for us.

Serving Our Partners

Why We're The Best

Think of us as the grizzled veterans who band together to lead the rag-tag team to victory.

We’ve been through the battles and we’ve listened to what’s important
 to you.
We took the good and left the bad in order to build the right
 fulfillment operations for today’s e-commerce environment.

We value your brand reputation like it were ours, and we put your
 customers first. That’s a promise.

Remove the pain from
shipping and returns.