How Are We Different?

We are a faction of seasoned industry professionals that hit the target.

We’ve seen the issues and felt the frustrations of an explosive e-commerce space where many fulfillment companies have forgotten the value of a customer. We’re here to say enough is enough. It’s time to do things the right way for the right value – always keeping the customer as the focus of everything we do.

We’ll work alongside you to build your brand, making your customers and your accountant love you even more.

We can Prove It

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Predictable Pricing

 We offer simple and fair pricing without “nickel and dime fees.” You pay for what you ship and you can accurately predict your invoices. No surprises.

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Next-Level Support

Experienced customer support teams are located in the warehouse, not in an off-site call center. You’re one degree of separation from your product. Our CSRs know our processes and are empowered to address any inquiry.

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Top Technology

Effectively applied technology supported by our own engineering and technology team means we can provide you with a fantastic suite of customizable tools to manage your business.

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Group 85@2x

We Find a Way

We handle whatever you need to provide your ideal customer experience whether its special packaging, branding, kitting or special inserts. Pleasant unboxing has become an expectation.

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Group 85@2x

Committed to Serve

eJOOV contracts are month to month. Our aim is to earn your business 12 times every year. We won’t hold you captive.

Remove the pain from
shipping and returns.